The “Darbazi” Restaurant and Bar

If you have ever wondered as to what happens when the local authentic gourmet specials take haute cuisine to a (gastronomic) date, you should definitely pay a visit to our Darbazi restaurant with a majestic panoramic view, a spacious dining hall and a cozy summer terrace. This is where all the culinary magic happens to turn it into your precious gastronomic memory. Darbazi in Georgian means a convocation hall where the councils used to discuss the most important matters over food and wine. Apparently, my great grandpa loved and cared for important discussions, as he had turned an auxiliary building, that used to be in this exact spot into a darbazi. And the restaurant obviously was named Darbazi in order to revive the history, recognize its importance and respect his legacy. Darbazi specializes in delicious food that superbly blends traditional and innovative techniques to create unique dishes using fresh local ingredients. All our menu items have been masterfully created by our chefs. Lively, casual yet upscale atmosphere makes it perfect place of choice for a casual meal with family and friends, festive dining, special celebrations or grabbing a relaxing drink with your friends in the evening.

მენიუ მზადების პროცესშია. გთხოვთ შეამოწმოთ მოგვიანებით

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