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My grandpa should have noticed something special in me when I was only two or three years old that made him decide I would be an heir of his prized property in Mestia. Apparently, I have never disappointed him during those 23 years we lived together, so he stuck to his decision. And, probably, time proved him right. I am pretty sure my grandpa would have been extremely proud to see how I turned the ruins of the auxiliary building on the property into a beautiful Paliani Hotel while graduating with an MBA degree in hospitality management from the École Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) in his favorite Switzerland.

I am dedicating both of these milestones in my life to you, dear grandpa, as I know I would not have been able to achieve so much without your incessant trust and hope!

Moreover, I would have never become the strong woman that I am today without the source of solid inspiration that came from another resilient woman in my grandpa’s life - his beloved mother Tamara.

An extraordinary woman and mother of four children, she became a widow at a young age. She had to fight hard to survive, raise her kids and protect the property inherited from her husband, so you, grandpa, could later bequeath it to me, your granddaughter.

Paliani Hotel then comes as a source of inspiration from Tamara, who sat on the balcony for hours every day, gazed at the high mountains, and thought about survival and love lost to the ruthless time. She probably felt the incessant pain from not having the love of her life next to her anymore.

Paliani Hotel is a throwback in time when Tamara got ready for the evening promenades in Mestia, wearing makeup, beautiful dresses, gloves, bracelet, and sun umbrella much like those ladies, who would stroll through any Main Street in every big city; a flashback of her poise, proud walk and smile - all traits of eminent and dignified women.

Paliani Hotel is finally a flash time of Tamara being so beautiful, strong, prudent, caring, and hospitable - a standstill image of a proud woman frozen in time, who fought, never gave up, and won her battle. Because WOMEN, if they decide so, always WIN!

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